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We do things a little differently here.

Instead of demanding money up front and promising to give you a refund you know you'll be too embarassed to request, we give you a small website for free. Use it forever if you want to. When you're ready for a larger website, we're glad to sell it to you.

So are there any catches? Yes.

  • You need to keep us current with your contact information. That includes your name, address, telephone number, and a working email address for you. If you don't trust us with that information, we don't trust you enough to give you access to our server.
  • We send out mail to all site owners. There's a monthly newsletter that got sent out about six times last year. The ONLY way to unsubscribe from our mailings is to give up your web space.
  • We may send you a "ping" mailing. That's to tell if everyone's email addresses are current. All you need to do is to click on "reply" when you get a mailing like that. If you trash our mail unread, you won't reply, and your site is in jeopardy.
  • One To A Customer Free sites are one to a family. If you want another site, you need to pay for it. That's fair, isn't it?
Choose from dozens of neighborhoods.
Retailers need to go in the mall or downtown. Sites with noncommercial adult content need to go into the erotica or adult neighborhoods. Sites with commercial adult content need a CGI-BIN, and should look for hosting at
When you choose to upgrade, there are a variety of plans
Size Pay Quarterly Pay Annually
40 MB $10 $35
100 MB $20 $70
200 MB $30 $105
500 MB $40 $140
1500 MB $50 $175
4000 MB $60 $210
10000 MB $70 $240

Free Domain Name & 10 MB Mail Server
if you pay annually.

If you pay quarterly, we'll give you a 10MB Mail Server free if you purchase your domain name through, where domain name registrations are as cheap as $4.

Link GIFs, JPGs and PNGs to your auctions or email
even with "free sample" websites

When you sign up you are initially given a "free sample" websites. You then upgrade to the larger plan you want.

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